View Profit and Loss Report

This is the report that shows your total Income and your total Expenses over specific period of time.


Step 1

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Report  >  Profit and Loss

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant information.

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Brief Explanation:

  1. From – To: The desired period of report.  
  2. Compare With (Optional): Allow comparison between report of current period with report of previous “month” or “year”.
  3. Compare Periods (Optional): To decide the number of months or years to be compared with.
  4. Track-1 and 2 (Optional): This feature allows the transaction to be tracked and analysed. Pick the existing tracking category or select “New Tracking Category” to create one.
  5. Contact (Optional): Pick existing or select “New Contact” to create one
  6. Currency (Optional): Pick the existing currency or select “Create New Currency” to create one.
  7. Convert Currency (Optional): “Tick” if you wish to view the report in other currency as well. However, the currency rate have to be set in advance. To add a currency or set the conversion rate, Click here.
  8. Show YTD (Optional): “Tick” if you like to view or compare with Year To Date report.

Note:  If comparison with previous period is not needed, leave the item 2 and item 3 alone.

Click “Run Report”.

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