Uploading your Stock Count

Note: Please note that you should only upload your Stock Count as a one-time exercise. DO NOT USE THE UPLOAD FEATURE unless you have consulted the support team from SmartB or your Super User. 

The stock count feature is a quick way to adjust the stock balance in the system for goods that does not tally with physical stocks. This should only be used during stock count or stock adjustment exercises. The validated stock count will be reflected in your stock card.

On top of that, because this can be integrated into your accounting module, your balance sheet (stock cost) is automatically updated for you. Of course, that is assuming that the configuration has been set up properly. Hence, more care needs to be taken.

Upload Status

When uploading, always upload using a DRAFT status. If not, you may not get your records updated correctly on the system. Errors which you might find include:

  • Stock balances not reflected accurately
  • Accounting journal entry duplication (see sample below)
  • Previous stock count not removed/amended accurately

Error sample – duplication error

(Click on image for larger view)

Video Illustration

Sample upload file:

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4 thoughts on “Uploading your Stock Count”

    • Correct Answer: a) True

      Explanation: Yes. If you fail to do that, you may encounter following errors:

      1. Stock balances not reflected accurately
      2. Accounting journal entry duplication
      3. Previous stock count not removed/amended accurately

  1. Question #2: Default UoM of Product A was set as Unit. The conversion rate is 1 carton = 12 units
    Before using the system, I purchase 10 cartons of Product A and I have sold 24 units of it.
    What is the UoM and amount of product A which will be displayed on the system for current stock count?

    a) 12 cartons
    b) 96 units


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