Unit Of Measure

This section explains how to add Unit of Measure. To set one up, go to: 

Main menu  >  General   >  Other  >  Unit Of Measure 

(Click on image for larger view)

Pick the basic Unit of Measurement which you need for your business, give it a name (if it’s not already there). Click save and you’re ready to go.

Multiple UoM

In the event that want to have more then one UoM for the various types of UoM, you just need to first set the base (typically equals to 1). Once you have the base, the rest is just a ratio of that base amount.

Here’s a list of examples.

Note: The column with “Category” is just for reference and it’s not required in the form.  

If you have products which requires complex UoM conversions, please see the advance unit for this topic (click here).

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