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Welcome to the SmartB Academy!

This academy has been developed to help you fully utilise the features in the SmartB software.

While SmartB is a powerful tool, it can only reach it’s best potential when the users are competent. Hence, this is an important section for you as well as for us (as the provider).

Hence, in order to get you started, here are a few things to note.

1. Benefiting from this Online Academy

The courses made of a collection of videos, notes as well as a series of quizzes to get you thinking. Where relevant, you will also be re-directed to our own version of wiki (click here) for additional guidance.

The courses are also organised in a specific order so that you can get a better grips of the entire system. While you can jump ahead with the courses, it is advisable not to.

2. Hierarchy Reference

As simple point of reference, the academy is organised in this order:

  1. Courses – E.g. Product
  2. Modules – E.g. Quick Start
  3. Units – E.g. Adding Products within Minutes

3. Access

As this website was built for users of all level. However, you will only have access to the courses that are relevant to you. If you can’t access what you expect to have, please contact us directly and we’ll resolve this as soon as we can.

4. Navigating Around

There’s a few ways to navigate around this online academy and there’s a quick summary.

Progress Overview

The “Progress Overview” page (click here) is great to keep track of your learning progress. The progress bar (below) tells you have much progress you have done (or yet to do).

This is also great as there will be new courses added occasionally to the academy. With the tracker, you will always be aware of it.

For the details of the progress, just click the dropdown (of the Module) and you can see the units that are yet to be completed.

Side Bar

Similarly, you can navigate within the same Module using the side bar.


In order that the academy can keep track of your progress, make sure to mark the course unit as complete by clicking the green button at the bottom of the unit.

Now that you understand how to use the academy, click on the “Next Unit” to move on.

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