4 thoughts on “Send a PO in 2 mins”

    • Correct Answer: a) True

      Explanation: The purchase price can be set for every product so that it can be automated loaded whenever the product was selected while creating purchase order.

  1. Question #2: I used to count my stock in Unit, but purchase in Box. 1 Box = 20 Units. I decided to use Box as the product’s UoM and stop using Units as UoM. Is it a good way to resolve this issue?

    a) True
    b) False

    • Correct Answer: b) False

      Explanation: The system allow a product to be keep in a UoM and purchased in another UoM. The steps are pretty easy, all we need to do is to make sure the conversion rate of the 2 UoM are correct and set up both the default UoM and Purchase Order UoM.


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