Quick/Basic Contact Set Up

Setting up the contact information of your clients and suppliers is a crucial part of using the SmartB system. It is advisable to fill in as much as information as possible to allow the relevant information to be auto-loaded while entering data for other tasks.

Note: Most features within the system requires a contact person or company. Hence, this section plays an important in making sure that your tasks are executed smoothly. If you are just setting up the system, make sure to allocate some extra time doing this before you kick off this system.

Adding Contacts

Got to: Contact  >  Dashboard  >  Add Contact 

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Fill in the relevant information.

General Tab

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Brief Explanation

  1. Contact Type: Pick either individual or organization.
  2. Name: Your name
  3. Code: Sequence (Running number) will be auto-loaded.
  4. User: Only add this if there the person/company has a user access. This would have been assigned when you company signs up for the system. If not, please contact our Support Team here.
  5. Email:  It is advisable to fill in this information so that invoice or email can be automatically sent to the contact as needed.
  6. Contact category:  Pick the existing contact category or select “New Category” to create one.


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Please make sure you tick the relevant relationship. This allows the system to filter the contact accordingly when using the module E.g. only customers will be shown in the customer invoice form.

Click “Save”.

Note: The above is only part of the contact’s details. More features within the contact form will be explained as you progress in the course. 


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