4 thoughts on “Product Shortcuts in the Invoice”

    • Correct Answer: b) False

      Explanation: It is NOT compulsory to add more details However, the more details you add to the product page, the more automation you can achieve. In the long term all these “automation” becomes your time saver.

  1. Question #2: I can improve efficiency by adding the following details in the product page:

    a) Product Prices (for both buying and selling)
    b) Set different Unit of Measurement for both purchasing and sales of the same product
    c) Specify the accounts for specific products or specific product categories
    d) Specify multiple purchase and sales currency for each product
    e) Allocate specific warehouse location (or sub-location) for each product
    f) All of the above

    • Correct Answer: f) All of the above

      Explanation: Yes, you can configure all the above so that the system can automate the processes for you easily.


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