Journals for Records Keeping

This page is about create more journals for different business processes. As it is, the SmartB system would have some default journals already set up for you. However, where relevant, you may add more journal processes in there.

Note: For more information on Journal Entries, read here.

Step 1

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Settings  >  Journals  > + New Journal

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant information.

“General” Tab

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Brief explanation:

  1. Name: This is an mandatory item.
  2. Journal Type: Pick the suitable journal type.
  3. Code: Give the journal an unique code.
  4. Sequence: Pick the existing sequence or select “New Sequence”

After filling in the relevant information, click “Save”. And you’re done!

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2 thoughts on “Journals for Records Keeping”

    • Correct Answer: a) True

      Explanation: Yes, you can have as many journal as you want, it doesn’t matter if they are sharing the same journal type.


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