Importing a Bank Statement


This guide will help you, within a few clicks, import your banking transactions from your respective bank accounts.

Just to note, the system generally only allows the import of banking transactions that is as old as 6 months. Any transactions more than 6 months old will not be imported.

IMPORTANT: Remember that this is only a VIEW ONLY access. You CANNOT in any way make payments from here. Also, if you choose to, you may save your bank details WITHOUT saving your password in the database. 


Short Guide

Step 1: Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Settings >  Bank Feeds >  + New Bank Feed

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information.

Step 3: Enter the OTC.

Step 4: Click “Save” and “Import Statements”

There’s also a demo video at the end of this page.


Step 1

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Settings >  Bank Feeds >  + New Bank Feed

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant information.

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Brief Explanation:

Note: 1-3 relates to information on the SmartB system. 

1. Type: Pick the relevant bank that you require. If your bank is not in the list, please contact us directly (and we’ll try to add it as soon as possible for you).

2. Status: Choose active if you need to match with your accounting module. Please check with your accountant to confirm.

3. Account: This is the chart of account (read more here) that is attached to the bank account you’re adding.

Note: 4-7 relates to information on your online bank account. 

4. Username: This is the username of your online banking login.

5. Account Number: Fill in your actual bank account number (see bank formats here).

6. Password: Fill in your online bank account password.

7. Company: Fill in the company ID of your online bank account (if any).

8. Last Job ID: This is a job reference number. This is for our support team only.

9. Error Screen: This is only required in the event a login error occurs. This is a screen-capture of your online banking platform. Below is a sample of the error screen.


Step 3

Click “Save” and then “Import Statements”.

Brief Explanation:

Click “Save” to save the information provided so that the next login is easier.

Note: Where relevant, you may choose NOT to keep your sensitive information (e.g. Password) on the system. Leave the respective column blank before you click “save”. Unless there is an asterisk (*), the system will allow you to import your statements without having to saving them.

One-Time Password (OTP)

Once you click import statement, you will need to provide your banking OTP. The OTP is typically sent to your mobile phone or you may have a Token or PIN generator that was given to you by your bank.  Copy the OTC send to your phone into the column as shown below.

Note: All banking facilities are different and not all banks require an OTP to import your bank statement. So please be aware of your own banking procedure.

Safety Check

Once the import is done. Check your bank statement to confirm the statement was obtained, you can do this by going to:

Main Menu > Accounting > Bank > Statements > (Select relevant bank account) 

Once you are satisfied with it, you are done.

Demo Video


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