Export and Import file

There will be a few instance where you want to edit a bunch of data in the system, but you found it quite difficult to edit the data one by one. The quickest way to solve this issue is by exporting the file into excel and edit it. Here are a few steps on how to export and import your data.

  1. First go into the module you want to get the data from, click on the export button as shown in the image.

2. Select the field you want to export, remember during exporting , there will be some fields that is a must to have, for example when exporting stock journal , the fields in the picture is a must. If not you will have trouble when importing the file into the system.

3. After export you can edit the field value in excel, then save it in csv format

4. Lastly, in the system select the import button, choose import old, and upload the csv file. And you are done .

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