Document Date Vs Validation Date

Note: The GI/ GR/ GT transactions was originally designed to so that the document date would change as and when the transaction was validated. However, due to some request from clients for more transparency and controls over your operators, we’ve now added a new field.

Document Date is the date when the transaction was first created. For this case, usually, the user would create the document and the physical goods will only be moved a few days later.

However, in order to ensure the creation or document date was kept as a record, we’ve have now (in early Nov 2019) add a Completion Date which will record the date and time of the validation of that transaction.

Sample of Document Date

Sample of Completion Date

A few things to note:

  • This would only appear in transactions that were validated in Nov and later
  • The completion date is the date when validate your goods. This is the date / time where your goods would be reflected in the stock summary / stock card.
  • You can change the validation date if you want to

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