4 thoughts on “Displaying your Stock Cost (for Outbound Goods)”

  1. Question #1: What are the information I need if I want to show the Cost Price in the goods issues or goods transfer?
    I. Product purchase price
    II. Product Selling price
    III. Cost Price
    IV. Sufficient stock

    • Correct Answer: III and IV

      Explanation: For the system to calculate a product cost, it needs purchase price with or without shipping fee or duty fee. While purchase price was calculated on the real time basis, the system will not allow calculate cost price for insufficient stock or negative stock. In the case if you enter the cost price yourself at the product section manually, purchase price is no longer play its role in determining the cost price. Hence, purchase price is not essential, as long as cost price was provided. Selling price has nothing to do with cost price.

  2. Question #2: Stock Card will show the stock movement. From the stock card I can look into the details of the related stock movement.

    a) True
    b) False

    • Correct Answer: a) True

      Explanation: There is a hyperlink at the column “Ref” which allow user to click and look into the details of the stock movement.


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