Detailed Customer Invoices

This section explains how to create a customer invoice.

Step 1

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Receivable  >  Customer invoice  >  New Invoice

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant information.

“General” Tab

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Brief explanation:

  1. Contact: Pick the existing contact or select “New Contact” to create one.
  2. Billing address (Optional): this address will be automatically loaded if it has been added to the database already. To learn how add this to the database, read here.
  3. Date: Date of the invoice being issued.
  4. Due date: The date before which the invoice has to be paid. This can be automated if “Payment Terms” selected.
  5. Number: This sequence (invoice) number can be automated. See more here.
  6. Payment terms (Optional): Pick the existing payment term or select “New Payment Term” to create one. When selected, this will automatically calculate your due date for you – where Due Date = Invoice Date + Payment Term.
  7. Currency (Optional): Pick the existing currency or select “New Currency” to create one.
  8. Tax Type (Optional): Pick how your tax calculation is reflected in your invoice.
  9. Tax No. and Tax Branch No. (Optional): Kindly refer your accountant for the correct information.

Product Description

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Brief explanation:

  1. Product: Pick the existing product or select “New Product” to create.
  2. Unit of Measure: Pick the existing UoM or select “New Unit of Measure” to create.
  3. Discount (Optional): Can choose either discount by percentage or by amount.
  4. Account: Kindly refer to your accountant for correct information.
  5. Tax Rate (Optional): Tax rate to apply for the invoice item.
  6. Track 1 and 2 (Optional): This feature allows the transaction to be tracked and analysed later. Pick the existing tracking category or select “New Tracking Category” to create.
  7. Tracking distribution (Optional):  This feature allow tracking for more than one category in a percentage basis. Pick the existing tracking distribution or select “New Tracking Distribution” to create.

After filling in the relevant information, select “Save” or “Approve”.


Save VS Approve

  •  “Save” is to save the invoice and leave it in “Draft” status.
  • Approve” is to change the status of invoice to “Waiting Payment” and a journal entry will be created for that invoice. This can only be done by an authorised person.


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    • Correct Answer: b) False

      Explanation: Click “Save” button to change the leave the invoice as “Draft” status.


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