Creating Your Product Hierarchy

You can organise your products in many ways using our system. In fact, each of the methods have their own strengths. Hence, having a quick overview can help you decide on which method that suits you most.

Product Hierarchy by Categories

Organising your products by categories mean you must first be able to categorise your own products. This is a powerful way to manage your SKUs because you can define it in which ever way that you like it.

In fact, once you have grouped your products in specific categories, our system allows you to account for it accordingly.

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Product Hierarchy by Group

Now that you have categorise your products, you can still group them within the categories (or even cross categories). Here’s how the feature look like.

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Product Hierarchy by Brand

When you can figure out how to organise your products, organising them by brand is an easy way to start. In fact, since each product would already have its own brand, you can just include the brand in the product page.

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Tips: Noticed that most of the methods shown above allows you to have Parent-child relationships? That means, you have even more ways to create your hierarchy.

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2 thoughts on “Creating Your Product Hierarchy”

    • Correct Answer: False

      Explanation: It is not compulsory to create a product hierarchy. However, if you plan to grow your business, then ask yourself this:
      How would you manage your SKUs if your list is as big as IKEA or Amazon, today? Then you might consider having even some simple hierarchy, would you not?


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