Create Payment or Receipt Vouchers (Invoice Payments)

Now that you know how to create a Direct Payment posting, creating an Invoice Payment posting is easy too. This guide will help you create a Receipt or Payment Voucher that is associated to an Sales or Purchase invoice.


Step 1

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Bank  >  Payment  >  + New Payment

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant information.

General Tab

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Brief Explanation

  1. Contact: Pick existing contact (unless this is a pre-payment from a completely new contact).
  2. Payment type: Choose either received or paid payment.
  3. Payment subtype: Choose Invoice Payment only.
  4. Date: Date of the transaction.
  5. Number: The sequence number can be auto-loaded if have been set up. To learn how to set up the sequence, click here
  6. Employee (Optional): Pick the existing account. To create a new employee, click here
  7. Account: Pick the existing account or select “Create New Account” to create one.
  8. Currency (Optional): Pick the existing currency or select “Create New Currency” to create one.
  9. Tax Type (Optional): Kindly refer to your accountant for the information.
  10. Tax Number and WHT number (Optional): Kindly refer to your accountant for the information.


More Information of Invoice Payments

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Brief Explanation

  1. Invoice (Optional): Pick the existing invoice or select “Create New Invoice” to create one if this is a pre-payment.
  2. Invoice currency: This is the currency of the invoice.
  3. Amount(Inv Cur):  This is the currency  stated on the invoice.
  4. Amount(Pmt Cur): This is the actual amount paid. Its currency may or may not be the same as the currency in the invoice.
  5. Currency Rate(Pmt-Inv) (Optional): This is applied if a different currency is used here.
  6. Tax Number (Optional): Kindly refer to your accountant for correct information.

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Check that the final amount is correct.

Click “Save” or just “Post” (if this is ready for posting)…  And you’re done!

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