Contacts: Supplementary Information

This section explains the additional fields that are in the contact page.

Firstly, create or pick an existing contact. The basic contact instruction can be found in a previous unit – click here.

Once you get there, scroll to be bottom half of the page to see the additional sections (shown below).


Note: For a new contact, you need to “Save” the core information before the system would allow you to insert additional information (such as below). Once you’ve done that, the additional fields will appear. 

Additional Section

This additional section has two features:

  1. It allows you to refer to any business activities that are related to this contact.
  2. It allows you to add details conveniently E.g. Various addresses, bank accounts etc.

Note: Not all fields require extra information. Some are just for reference to the contact’s business activity.


(Click on image for larger view)


Brief Explanation:

  1. Contact Persons: Typically this is the person in charge for that client company.
  2. Relations: The enter the type relationship that was established with this contact.
  3. Address: This allow the its address to be auto-loaded in other data entry for other task.
  4. Bank Accounts: This allow the bank accounts to be auto-loaded in the data entry for other task.
  5. Sales Orders: The existing Sales Order with this contact.
  6. Projects: The existing Projects with this contact.
  7. Service Items: The existing Service Items with this contact.
  8. Previously ordered product: Any previously ordered products from this contact.
  9. Coupons: Any coupons used with this contact.
  10. Documents: Any documents that was used as reference.
  11. Email: Add contact emails here.
  12. Comments: This is for you to leave any comments for future reference.


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