Add/Modify Leave Type

This page is about adding or modifying existing leave types. Step 1 Go to: Main Menu > HR > Leave Types Step 2 Click on the Leave Type that you want to modify or add a New Leave Type. Edit or add accordingly. Step 3 Add the Leave Period required for the leave type.

Creating Sequence Number

This is to show you on how to create a sequence number or a running number each time you want to add a new list. Below is one of the example. 1. Add Sequence 2. Add Function Add the function inside the model you want to run the sequence number. Go here and copy the … Read more

Cost of Stock in Inventory – How it works?

If you are a business owner, you want your cost inventory to be captured in a systematic way, right? Perfect. Because SmartB’s software is able to automatically update the cost of your products in your database automatically. In fact, it is able to calculate your inventory cost based on different accounting methods including: Note: Traditionally, … Read more

B2C – Picking Dashboard

The following is a sample picking dashboard that was built for illustration purpose. This is commonly used for e-commerce or B2C businesses who have high volumed (but small size) orders.

Upload Template Sample

Here are the several excel upload template samples that you may download. Product Upload Template Goods Receipt Upload Template : Goods Transfer Upload Template : Goods Issue Upload Template : Stock Count Upload Template :

TSC Printer Setup & Calibration

Printer Setup Hi, here is a short video on how to set up the paper roll and printing ribbon of the printer. Printer Calibration This video is for some issue on the TSC PRO printer.1. Gap Sensor Calibration 0:02 – 0:152. Self-test/ Enter Dump Mode 0:16 – 0:363. Printer Initialization 0:38 – 0:52

Temporary Fix: “Allow Full Screen” Button

Hi All, in early 2021, wordpress made some changes and from than onwards, the button to “allow full screen” on the videos (see image above) went missing. After some investigation, we found a quick fix to it but it requires us to change the script at every page. We have not found a faster way … Read more