Importing a Bank Statement

Introduction This guide will help you, within a few clicks, import your banking transactions from your respective bank accounts. Just to note, the system generally only allows the import of banking transactions that is as old as 6 months. Any transactions more than 6 months old will not be imported. IMPORTANT: Remember that this is … Read more

Create New Credit Notes

This page will guide you to create or post a Credit Note entry. Note: For more information about Debit and Credit Notes, read here. Step 1 Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Receivable  >  Customer invoice  >  New Credit Note  (Click on image for larger view)  Step 2 Fill in the relevant information. “General” … Read more

Payment for “Unpaid Purchase” or “Unpaid Sales” Invoices

When making a payment for “Unpaid Purchase” or “Unpaid Sales” invoice, you are usually paying for a “Conversion Balance” type of invoice. But before you can make the payment, it’ll be useful of you first understand what they are. Conversion Balance Invoice “Conversion Balance” Invoices are typically invoices created when you migrate your Trial Balance … Read more