Uploading your Stock Count

Note: Please note that you should only upload your Stock Count as a one-time¬†exercise. DO NOT USE THE UPLOAD FEATURE unless you have consulted the support team from SmartB or your Super User.¬† The stock count feature is a quick way to adjust the stock balance in the system for goods that does not tally … Read more

Managing Shelf Lifes

Do you have consumable goods? Food or Medicines are the classic example of goods which have a specific shelf life. If you do, then this unit is to cover this. In SmartB, there is a shelf life calculation feature. This is attached to a Lot or Serial Number and it can be attached to each … Read more

Document Date Vs Validation Date

Note: The GI/ GR/ GT transactions was originally designed to so that the document date would change as and when the transaction was validated. However, due to some request from clients for more transparency and controls over your operators, we’ve now added a new field. Document Date is the date when the transaction was first … Read more

Adding New Stock

There are a few ways to add new stock to your inventory. Here are the few options that you can use based on your business. Purchasing New Stock – see Purchase Order Manufacturing New Stock Receiving New Stock (from 3rd party) – see next unit Pending on the nature of your business, you should be … Read more