Organization Settings

Fill up your company’s basic information should be the very first thing to do after your account has been created. Simply go to: Main Menu  >  General   >  Other  >  Organization Settings   Fill in the relevant information. (Click on image for larger view) Brief explanation: Organization Type: Pick the existing company type or select “Create New … Read more

Unit Of Measure

This section explains how to add Unit of Measure. To set one up, go to:  Main menu  >  General   >  Other  >  Unit Of Measure  (Click on image for larger view) Pick the basic Unit of Measurement which you need for your business, give it a name (if it’s not already there). Click save and … Read more

Quick/Basic Contact Set Up

Setting up the contact information of your clients and suppliers is a crucial part of using the SmartB system. It is advisable to fill in as much as information as possible to allow the relevant information to be auto-loaded while entering data for other tasks. Note: Most features within the system requires a contact person … Read more