Adding “Tracking Categories”

After completing this section, you shall be able to setting up your tracking category.

Go to: Main Menu  >  Accounting  >  Settings  >  Tracking Category  >  + New Tracking Category


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Fill in the relevant information.

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Brief explanation:

  1. Name: A suitable reference.
  2. Parent (Optional): Select the suitable parent category if this is a subcategory.
  3. Description (Optional):Give a suitable description for the tracking category.
  4. Type: Decide either primary (default) or secondary.
  5. Code: Give a proper code for the tracking category.
  6. Currency (Optional): Pick the existing currency or select “New Currency” to create one.

After filling in the relevant information, select “Save”

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2 thoughts on “Adding “Tracking Categories””

  1. Question #1: I can use tracking categories in the tracking:

    I. Sales of a salesman
    II. Sales of special product
    III. Cost of a project
    IV. R&D Cost
    V. Expenses of a stationary in all department.

    a) I, II and IV
    b) I, II and III
    c) All of the above
    d) II, III and IV
    e) II, III and V


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