Adding Products within Minutes

Products are the items that you’ll need within your company. If you’re in the manufacturing section, typically, these are raw materials, work in progress (WIP) materials or finished goods. If you’re just a trading business, these are generally your trad-able goods.

With that, here’s a quick video to show you how to add Products in your product list.


2 thoughts on “Adding Products within Minutes”

  1. Question #1: What can I add into the product list?

    a) Items for Sales
    b) Items for Purchase
    c) Gen Expenses e.g. Water bill, Meal Expenses, Travel Expenses etc
    d) Service Product E.g. Consulting Service
    e) Production Raw Material E.g. Clay, Diesel
    f) Items for maintenance E.g. toilet rolls, printing ink
    g) Bank Fees
    h) All of the above

    Hint: Products can be anything that you want to track in the company.

    • Correct Answer: h) All of the above

      Explanation: Yes, the products list should include all of the above items. However, you will probably only need it if you are using the full accounting module.


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