Adding New Stock

There are a few ways to add new stock to your inventory. Here are the few options that you can use based on your business.

  1. Purchasing New Stock – see Purchase Order
  2. Manufacturing New Stock
  3. Receiving New Stock (from 3rd party) – see next unit

Pending on the nature of your business, you should be using one or a few options above.

When using the inventory module, make sure to create the Goods Receipt note. This feature will prompt you to validate your goods (when they arrive) and the inventory balances will be automatically updated as soon as this is done.


4 thoughts on “Adding New Stock”

  1. Question #1: What are the requirement before I can add a new stock?

    I- Set up the stock location
    II- Set up product’s Purchase Order UoM
    III- Set up product in system

  2. Question #2: Which of the following are ways of adding new stock into your inventory system?

    I. Manufacturing
    II. Receive stock after issue Purchase Order
    III. Sales Return
    IV. Goods transfer
    V. Stock Count


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