Adding Location Detail into the Database

The idea of automation starts with having the basic information already stored in your database. When you start with this system, the default information is already set up for you. However, if you want to add new information, this page is will explain how.

Adding a new “Country” in your Database

This page will use “country” as an illustration – the steps of adding this is similar to the other location details such as province, district and sub-district.

To start, go to: Main Menu  >  General   >  Other  > Countries  >  + New Country 

(Click on image for larger view)

Fill in the relevant information.

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Brief explanation:

  1. Name: Provide the name of your country.
  2. Phone Prefix: Provide a suitable phone prefix number. For example, phone prefix of Malaysia is  (+60)
  3.  Time zone: Provide suitable time zone. For example, Malaysia Standard Time is UTC+08:00
  4. Code: Unique Identifier (ignore if unsure).
  5. Flag:  You can upload flag of country.

After filling in the relevant information, select “Save”.


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