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Welcome to SmartB’s customers’ knowledge page. This site is to help you with any questions that you may have in using our software and system.

If you’re just getting started with SmartB, we recommend spending some time here before using the system. which will enhance your user experience.

Lastly, if you’ve already seen all our features and you have a request or recommendation, just send us an email at

01. General Guide

Getting Started
  1. What is ERP and Why you need it?
  2. How Does ERP Work?
  3. Using the Search Function
  4. Using the Search Function
Quick Step Guides
  1. Introduction to Quick Setup Guide
  2. System & Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Changing Your Personal Details
  4. Quick/Basic Contact Set Up
  5. Unit Of Measure
  6. Organization Settings
General Configurations
  1. Introduction to General Configuration
  2. Sequence Numbering
  3. Using Multiple Sequence Numbers
  4. Contacts: Supplementary Information
  5. Organising Your Contacts
  6. Delete or Changing Records
  7. Adding Location Detail into the Database
Common Functions
  1. Introduction to Common Function
  2. Adjusting the Lines
  3. Scrolling Left / Right
  4. Export and Import file
  5. To Import Many-2-Many Field
  6. Your Favorite Export Fields
  7. Setting Up Report Templates
  8. How to Upload Price List Items Efficiently
  9. Quick Edits on Document Templates
  10. Downloading Multiple Documents
  11. Line Analysis
  12. Copying Pivot Table (Analysis Table) to Excel
Managing Issues
  1. How to use Issue Log?

02. Product

  1. Introduction to Product Tutorials
  2. Adding Products within Minutes
Basic Product Module Setup
  1. Creating Your Product Hierarchy
  2. Product Shortcuts in the Invoice
  3. Buying & Selling in a Foreign Currency
  4. Adding Supplier Information to Product
Advance Product Module Setup
  1. Price Lists & Price List Items
  2. Using the Product “Bundle” Type
  3. Products with UoM Conversion
  4. Mass Product Upload
  5. Separating the Master Vs Child Products

03. Inventory

  1. Introduction to Inventory
  2. How does Inventory Module Work?
  3. Cost of Stock in Inventory – How it works?
General Configuration
  1. Creating New Locations on the Go
  2. Product Grading Setup
  3. Managing Shelf Lifes
  4. Automatically Generating Lot / Serial Number
  5. Generating Large Number of Lots
  6. Avoiding Negative Stock
  7. Asset Management
Inwards Goods
  1. Adding New Stock
  2. Receiving Goods
  3. Document Date Vs Validation Date
  4. Landed Cost / Shipping Cost Allocation
  5. Automating your Accounting for Shipping Cost
  6. Managing Shelf Lifes
  7. Uploading your Stock Count
  8. Stock Count: Auto Upload Function
Outwards Goods
  1. Packing List – Issuing Goods to Customers
  2. Creating an Invoice from Goods Issue
  3. Internal / Consignment Goods Transfer
  4. Selecting the Consignment Address for Your Document
  5. Displaying your Stock Cost (for Outbound Goods)
  6. Checking the Cost of your Stock
Shortcuts,Tips & More
  1. Stock Summary Report
  2. Inventory Line Anlysis
  3. Automating Your Goods Receipt / Issue / Transfer via Stock Journals
  4. Inventory Costing Mode
  5. Goods Return Settings
  6. Cost of Stock in Inventory – How it works?
  1. Troubleshooting the Stock Cost

04. Sales & CRM

  1. What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
  2. Introduction to SmartB’s CRM
Basic Sales and CRM Module Setup
  1. Automating Customer Payment Terms
  2. Using the Sales Order to Automate the Cust Invoice and Picking List
  3. Why is the Reducing Balance feature Not Working?
  4. Management and Sales of Consignment Goods
Advance Sales and CRM Module Setup
  1. Stock Reservation During Sales

05. Purchasing

Simple Purchasing Guide
  1. Send a PO in 2 mins
  2. Automating Supplier Payment Terms
  3. Creating a Supplier Invoice from your PO
  4. Creating a Goods Receipt from your PO
  5. Auto-Copy Your Documents
  6. Foreign/ Overseas Purchase
  7. Adding Products using Master Product list

06. Accounting

Quick Starter
  1. How to Create An Invoice within 2 Mins?
  2. Recording an Expense in 3 mins
  3. View A Journal Entry
  4. Changing or Cancelling a Record
Basic Configuration
  1. Accounting Configuration
  2. Adding a New Currency
  3. Create a New Bank Account
  4. Adding “Tracking Categories”
  5. Setting Up Payment Terms
  6. Fix Assets & Depreciating Them
  7. Setting Up an Existing Fix Asset
  8. Depreciating Multiple Fixed Assets
  9. Adding a New Account into Your Chart of Accounts
  10. Creating Simple Financial Budgets
Recording & Posting Entry
  1. Detailed Customer Invoices
  2. Record Detailed Supplier Invoices
  3. Create Payment or Receipt Vouchers (Direct Payments)
  4. Create Payment or Receipt Vouchers (Invoice Payments)
  5. Payment for “Unpaid Purchase” or “Unpaid Sales” Invoices
  6. Create New Credit Notes
  7. Create New Debit Notes
  8. Crediting the Deposit to Invoice
  9. Paying Supplier from Deposit (or Overpayment)
  10. Importing a Bank Statement
  11. Using Product “Shortcuts” in the Invoice
Reconciliation & Reviews
  1. Understanding the Purchase Flow
  2. View Profit and Loss Report
  3. View Balance Sheet Report
  4. Fixing Errors in Financial Statement
  5. Create payment according to statement
  6. Auto matching and account reconciliation
Advance Configuration
  1. Journals for Records Keeping
  2. Creating a Completely New Chart of Accounts
  3. Company’s Financial Set Up
  4. Importing a Trial Balance
  5. Automatically Redirecting The Invoice with a New Account

07. Manufacturing

  1. Demo of Production Flow
  2. Production Configuration
Basic Manufacturing Module Setup
  1. Receiving Partial Order from the Production Order Planned Qty
  2. Production using Backflush Issue Method
Advance Manufacture Module Setup
  1. Updating your Production Cost (for Finished Goods)

08. HR

Add/Modify Leave Type
  1. Add/Modify Leave Type

09. BI Dashboards

Power BI
  1. Get Started with Power BI
  2. How to Set Up Power BI Dashboards
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